Divine Inspiration or Divine Delusion?

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
― Socrates

Inspiration for my first book came from the fact that I felt I had to do something positive for humanity as a way of returning to society all the privileges and the good life this very society has provided me and, by extension, my family over the years.

Having been a military officer all my life, I had never had the opportunity to do anything socially valuable, except for the foundation of a spiritist center in the town I live today. So, after reaching seventy years of age, the idea that I should repay society for the comfortable life I have lived grew stronger and stronger on my mind. I did not know, however, what and how I would do it.

Then, one day, I was struck with the thought, “why not write about my faith in God?” You see, I had been an atheist in my youth, but several events throughout the course of my life led me to believe in God without doubt; they led me to develop a rational faith. As this faith has been responsible for so many benefits in my life and my family’s life, I felt compelled to extend this knowledge to the greatest number of people I could. I want to help as many people discover God in their own lives as I can.

Drawing on this need, I began to write the book. As is the story with many authors, I didn’t know exactly how I would accomplish the task. I did not have (and I believe I still do not have) the necessary skills to be a successful writer. I decided to face the challenge, though.

I didn’t follow any specific guidelines; I simply followed my intuition, and described all the events that had been somewhat responsible for my conversion. In the end, I think the result is what it needed to be.

Since all the content for the book would come from my personal experience, there was no need for any research. At least that’s what I thought at first.

Only after I had written about the supernatural phenomena that I had experienced as a young man and as an adult, did I decide to do some research and read what other authors had already written about the same theme.

Surprisingly, I came across Richard Dawkins’ best-seller The God Delusion. It was then that the decision to refute his ideas came up. I selected a few statements from his book, and discussed them trying to show that he is wrong when he says that God is a delusion. You can find Dawkins’ arguments and my response in my book, Why I Believe in God.

God exists, and this is what I want to demonstrate to my readers. I hope this blog will serve as a community for the respectful exchange of ideas and experiences.

How was your belief in God shaped? Did it change over time? Do you have a defining moment? Let me know!


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