5 Tips for Keeping Your Faith Strong

Discussing spiritual journeys with friends, families and acquaintances is an incredibly rewarding and special experience. To me, there is no greater thing than to share where you were, how you got to where you are, and where you think you will be going, in regards to your faith, with another person. It is incredibly intimate, revealing and important – your specific journey is something completely unique to you; no one can share it precisely, and no one can experience it for you.

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My spiritual journey began in my childhood with the congenial, natural, innocent, pure faith of children. As I grew into adolescence, and as my intelligence and conscience developed, I fell into a spiritual crisis, thanks to my perception of the absurdity of certain dogmas and beliefs of the traditional religions. Also, the negative influence of both science and western culture on my development as a critical young man played an important role in my turning into a disbeliever. In other words, I went from a faithful follower to an atheist.

Finally, after adolescence, the force of facts and the observation of natural and supernatural phenomena led me to maturity with the absolute, rational conviction of the existence of God and the immortal spirit. In my book, I explain the experience I went through to reach this point.

While I would never discourage or interfere with someone’s personal journey without request or to act as a guide, I do want to offer the following five steps for how to keep your faith strong to those who are struggling:

  1. Turn prayer into a habit seeking to establish mental and spiritual communication with God, trying to assimilate His thought and His will
  2. Read and study non-dogmatic religious writers
  3. Study the testimonials of trustworthy people who have had paranormal experiences;
  4. Get to know the great mediums that exist in every country regardless of the predominant local religion
  5. Visit, if possible, the town of Abadiana, Goiás, Brazil, where the greatest living medium of cures lives. He is 70 years old, and he says he won’t live longer

Everyone will come to a place in their life where they will struggle and doubt; it is natural and biblically accurate. You will strengthen your faith by adopting certain behaviors and having some specific attitudes, as well as by resisting what you know to be wrong and trusting in the almighty Father.

What do you tell friends and family when they’re struggling with their faith? Do you have any tried and true tips or methods? I’d love for you to share them!


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