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The Universe: The Greatest Evidence

To establish an argument, or to have a good foundation for an argument, it is crucial to know what it is you’re arguing for or against. It’s one thing to say “I believe in God and you who don’t are wrong,” when you have no real idea how that belief really interacts with your life. […]

Does God Exist?

We are in the twenty-first century, but this question remains unanswered, at least for those who insist on denying  the existence of God. But if you are like me, you see and feel God’s presence everywhere. The universe, nature, and life are the greatest proofs that God exists. There is, however, even simpler evidence for […]

Christianity in Brazil

In Brazil, as well as across the American continent, Christianity was highly influenced by the religions of local indigenous peoples, Africans, and Asians, in other words, by the religions of all the peoples that contributed to its ethnic configuration. In Brazil, however, this influence was even stronger. Why? One may point out several hypotheses, but […]

4 Tips to Encourage and Promote Faith in Families

Faith is fundamentally important, not only for adding to the  character of an individual, but also for strengthening a family. If one doesn’t admit the immortality of the soul and the existence of God with His justice, all points of reference regarding eternity will be lost – values and virtues lose their meaning. Families  lose […]