4 Tips to Encourage and Promote Faith in Families

Faith is fundamentally important, not only for adding to the  character of an individual, but also for strengthening a family. If one doesn’t admit the immortality of the soul and the existence of God with His justice, all points of reference regarding eternity will be lost – values and virtues lose their meaning. Families  lose the mortar that sustains union and harmony.

All modern schools of psychology , through  research and experience, state that parents’ love and the love between a father and a mother are of fundamental importance for the person’s emotional health as well as for character formation and personality development.

A family that is well-constituted will ensure the basic requirements for raising healthy, responsible descendants who will, in turn, convey those values from one generation to the other.

Families in crisis, without love or responsibility, necessarily lead society to crisis and chaos. That’s why it is said that a family is the core cell of society. The weaker a family, the more chaotic the society we live in.

Spiritually speaking, we know that a family is a group of spirits brought together because of karmic, spiritual needs. If a family is disrupted by divorce or any traumatic change, its members will suffer transcendental damage and imbalance.

4 Tips to Encourage Faith in the Family

It can be incredibly difficult to overcome circumstances that degrade the value of faith in a family. I offer the following four tips as ways to encourage members of a family to keep their faith strong:

  1. Stimulate in children their innate, natural faith by teaching them how to pray
  2. Give your children testimonies of faith and respect for God
  3. Meditate upon the Universe and nature seeking to see the infinite power and wisdom that are implicit and indispensable for the creation of all existing things
  4. Try to gauge how insignificant human knowledge is before the immense wisdom necessary to explain the most common phenomena.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? What do you and your family do to make sure the faith of your family is strong?


One comment

  1. I do not yet have children but I do numbers 3 and 4 daily. The universe is so amazing! I will often just look at my hands or my fluffy cat and think, praise God that we are even here. Life is amazing! how anyone thinks it’s all an accident is beside me. God bless you.

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