Christianity in Brazil

In Brazil, as well as across the American continent, Christianity was highly influenced by the religions of local indigenous peoples, Africans, and Asians, in other words, by the religions of all the peoples that contributed to its ethnic configuration. In Brazil, however, this influence was even stronger.

Why? One may point out several hypotheses, but it is difficult to know. Perhaps some of the features of the Portuguese, who colonized the country, could explain that fact. Being them more tolerant and indulgent, they were also more susceptible to the influence of other religions.

Anyway, whatever relevance and historic responsibility the various hypotheses might have, nothing can be excluded from the greatest cause of all: God’s will and His unfathomable design.

Thus, the Brazilian society is noticeably theistic  and spiritualistic, and as such it differs greatly from  the most developed nations in the world.

Curiously, for reasons whose study and understanding are not appropriate herein, the people of the United States of America display, spiritually speaking, similar characteristics to Brazilians although they are not as deep.


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