Does God Exist?

We are in the twenty-first century, but this question remains unanswered, at least for those who insist on denying  the existence of God.

But if you are like me, you see and feel God’s presence everywhere. The universe, nature, and life are the greatest proofs that God exists.

There is, however, even simpler evidence for those men and women who cannot perceive the cause-and-effect relationship between the universe and the Creator.  I’m referring to mediums that may be found everywhere, in the four corners of earth; they are special people capable of performing phenomena that can only be explained if we admit the existence of Someone superior and invisible.

This superior being owns enough wisdom, power, and ability to perform things that we, human beings, have difficulty explaining or understanding. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. This is the strongest argument I can use to refute unbelievers’ questioning.

Unbelievers usually say that the existence of God can’t be proven scientifically, but neither can His non-existence. They should produce scientific evidence for such improbability. It seems, however, that they are unable to do it.

Despite trying to prove that, the current leader of atheists and monists, Dr. Richard Dawkins, doesn’t present any scientific or empirical evidence of the improbability of God’s existence in his best-seller God, a Delusion. He simply doesn’t succeed in his intent to prove that God does not exist. And he doesn’t succeed proving his own theory either.



  1. You claim to know for certain, things that you cannot know about beings that cannot be known and cannot be shown to exist. Your claims are no different than those of the certifiably insane. The only difference is that you have not yet been shown to be harmful to yourself or others.

  2. Just because you cannot disprove something, that doesn’t mean that it therefore must exist. I cannot disprove Zeus anymore than Yahweh, but does that mean that Zeus must therefore exist? No, it doesn’t.
    The things you call God that are all around you, the faith you feel – atheists feel it too, we just call it something else. I personally call it being alive, and appreciating my mortality.
    I didn’t come here to change your mind, I just think it seems that you have ideas about how atheists operate that aren’t accurate.

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