The Universe: The Greatest Evidence

To establish an argument, or to have a good foundation for an argument, it is crucial to know what it is you’re arguing for or against. It’s one thing to say “I believe in God and you who don’t are wrong,” when you have no real idea how that belief really interacts with your life. Below is an excerpt from part three of Why I Believe in God, where I discuss one of my reasons for believing in God.


Prior to timidly venturing into commenting and interpreting the messages of nature, I must explain that I will take the following basic axiomatic statements as the highest premises:

  • All that exists necessarily has a beginning and an end
  • There is no effect without a cause
  • A cause always precedes an effect
  • The effect cannot be superior to the cause

Although such premises are rational and appropriate, the logic that makes us accept them is the same logic that makes us admit some exceptions, as we will see later on.

The Universe

Let us begin our study by addressing the greatest and most comprehensive regular phenomenon, which includes everything and everyone, and is permanently at the observer’s reach: the universe.

It is easier for us to conceive of the infinity of space. If we were to conceive of it as finite, we would have to admit the existence of an end, a wall, a shell. But what would there be beyond that shell? Another universe? Another finite space? And beyond this other universe? Another wall? And beyond this wall? Another universe? Well, wouldn’t such a series of finite universes be the infinite space?

On the other hand, admitting that space is infinite contradicts the first premise. Even more, trying to conceive of space as infinite seems to both constrain and surpass the boundaries of our imaginations, bringing about a feeling of vertigo that threatens to make our brains and hearts collapses. We give up, because we feel like a moth in its flight toward the light to find death.

However, in spite of this inconvenient feeling of the apparent invasion of the boundaries of the unlikely, the unimaginable, the irrational, and the impossible, logic obliges us to admit the existence of infinite space. It has to be so. It can’t be different. Whether or not we want it, we must admit it…


What do you think about matter? The universe? Existence? Creation? Endlessness? Nothingness? It’s a lot to grasp and handle. I encourage you to check out Why I Believe in God for more on the subject, and for a rational argument for the existence of God.


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