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Why I Believe – the Love of Science

The two latest blog posts revolved around the two first positions intellectual and scientific materialist elites hold on to: (1) the Denial of God, and (2) the Worship of the God Matter. Today, we will look at the third position, or rather, the third trap unbelievers usually fall into: the Love of Science. “There are […]

Why I Believe – The Worship of the God Matter

In today’s blog entry, I want to discuss the second trap unbelievers and atheists fall into: the Worship of the God Matter. “If it were irrational, as they claim, to believe in a spiritual God who gives us (those of us who want to see) so much clear and permanent evidence of His existence, power, […]

The Denial of God

On account of the numerous comments (both positive and negative) the latest blog post generated, I decided to share with you some passages of my book in which I discuss the four main traps unbelievers or atheists fall into: The Denial of God, The Worship of the God Matter, The Love of Science, Atheistic Pride. […]

I Believe in God. What About You?

Today, I want to talk about a review that was posted on the web page of Why I Believe in God on the Barnes & Noble website. It was a negative comment among several positive ones that I have received so far. Even though I initially felt a bit disappointed, that comment got me thinking […]

The Dreams

In today’s post, I want to share an excerpt of my book with you. It’s a passage from Chapter 5 – The Dreams: Oneiric Premonition, a little longer than the usual posts, but it’s worth reading it. Many people have told me that this is one of the most interesting experiences they’ve ever heard. Well, […]

Guest Post – Who Started This Christmas Stuff? by author Carol Round

It is my privilege to share with you today a guest post by prolific author and columnist, but above all phenomenal Christian woman, Carol Round. Carol’s blog provides consistent and thoughtful content that encourages me along my life journey, and provides questions and scriptures to ponder. Below is her post about the true meaning of […]

Guest Post: Why I Believe in God by author Terri Lynn

I’m honored today to share a guest post with Terri Lynn, the author of Journey to My Soul: Following Divine Navigation. Terri’s inspirational story shows her fight to be happy in the midst of a living hell. “Growing up in an Irish Catholic home,” she says,  “I learned about God early on. When my mother […]