The Dreams

In today’s post, I want to share an excerpt of my book with you. It’s a passage from Chapter 5 – The Dreams: Oneiric Premonition, a little longer than the usual posts, but it’s worth reading it.

Many people have told me that this is one of the most interesting experiences they’ve ever heard. Well, they may be right, but the truth is that I myself found it amazing. Even today, as I look back and remember what happened to me on that Saturday, I’m flabbergasted by that unusual event.

I’m pretty sure you will feel the same. Okay, let’s get started…you might be curious to know what I’m talking about.


I can’t remember the precise date, but I know it was a Saturday of the last term of the 1957 academic year at the military boarding school. Typically, we had continuous activities from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. with a small break after lunch, except on Saturdays when we were set free before noon. The students who lived in nearby towns usually travelled back home after lunch.

That Saturday I was exhausted. I had taken the last Physics test of the year, and as I needed some points to get the minimum pass average, I had studied as much as I could the previous night. As a result,  I had slept two hours at most, so I had lunch and went to my room to get some rest.

I shared the room with seven other students. Most of them were excited and noisily getting ready to leave. They were making so much noise that it was impossible to sleep there, so I decided to go somewhere else.

The swimming-pools were set to open at 3 o’clock, and I was planning to go swimming after the siesta. I asked the roommate nearest to me if he was going swimming too.

“Yes,” said he.

“I also intend to go”, I said, “but I’m too sleepy, so I’ll take a nap in the shade of those trees near the Lambari Brook. Could you please wake me up when you pass by there?”

“Of course”, he replied. “I’ll pass there a little before 3 and will wake you up.”Dreams_3

I arrived at the woods. It was very hot. I chose the densest shade and the softest grass, and lay down. But I couldn’t sleep. My latest concerns and worries would not leave me alone, they chased after me, seized hold of my thoughts once again, against my own will. “What the hell! I don’t wanna think about this anymore! That’s life. I must accept the reality. I can’t change the world.”

My crisis of atheism was at its height those days.


These questions had taken control of my thoughts, I was anxious, wide awake, and it was unlikely that I would fall asleep.

But I did. I slept for nearly two hours.

Waking up, I thought, “My friend didn’t wake me up!… I wonder if he’s forgotten about it. Will I have missed  the swimming-pool time?” I hurriedly left and walked toward the dwelling, on my way passing by some mates carrying their bags. I also went past a few officials, and saluted them. Going up the stairs, I reached the hall, and looked at the big square black and white clock hanging right in the middle of it.

It was exactly two-fifty. “Oh! It’s early”, I thought. “Maybe he  hasn’t left yet to go swimming”.

I got to the apartment doorway. He was rolling his swimming trunks in a towel.

“Did you fall asleep?” he asked. “I’ve just thought of you, and was worried about not being late to wake you up.”

“Thanks. Yes, I slept, but woke up sooner than I thought I would”, I replied while he was stepping away.

Then I opened my closet, got a towel, my swimming trunks, and my soapbox, and left.

On my way to the swimming-pool, I saw many students, most of them my acquaintances.


At this point I woke up. I was confused. I had already woken up, had  I not? So, I had been dreaming all that time before!

“That’s right! But now I really am awake, am I not?” I thought.  There I was, in the woods again, and the situation was exactly the same as it had been at the beginning of what now seemed to have been a dream.

“There’s no doubt at all, now I’m awake”, I concluded. “And my friend didn’t wake me up… For sure, I must be late.” That was odd…in the dream I had had the same impression.  I hastily got up and walked quickly away – and the people I passed by were exactly the same people I had passed by in my dream!

I climbed up the stairs, got to the hall, looked at the hanging clock: it was ten minutes to three, just like in my dream.Arriving at the apartment, I noticed the door was open, and my roommate was in the same position as in the ‘dream’, rolling his swimming trunks in a towel. He asked the same question as in the dream, and I gave the same answer.

I opened the closet and got my towel, my swimming trunks, the soapbox, still observing the people, their positions, the placement of objects, the small details… I went out.

On my way, I passed by the same people. It was all the same! I arrived at the restrooms, and again all was exactly the same!


Well,  from this point the story goes on exactly like in the dream, and, as you can see, it really is surprisingly unusual. You might say it was  a coincidence, but I assure you that it was the Divine Providence acting to rescue me from darkness. What about you? What do you think? Was it a coincidence or was it the Divine Providence?


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