I Believe in God. What About You?

Today, I want to talk about a review that was posted on the web page of Why I Believe in God on the Barnes & Noble website. It was a negative comment among several positive ones that I have received so far. Even though I initially felt a bit disappointed, that comment got me thinking about some ideas in the book.

At first, I had decided not to reply, but then I changed my mind and thought it would be interesting to start a fruitful debate with those who somewhat share that same viewpoint on the topic. Here ‘s the comment so you may follow the debate: “There is absolutely no evidence for any god or supernatural being. This book is classic projection: accusing others of having your problems.”EyeofGod_Hubble2

What could I say about that? How should I reply? Well, I can say that such a point of view is perfectly understandable and likely to be found more often than we expect. I’ve already been in the same position; I know the two sides of the coin. My concerns regarding the existence of God arose when I was in the same position  this person consciously puts himself or herself in.

I say ‘consciously’ because, at a subconscious level, I knew of the existence of our immortal souls just as he or she does. I know of it now, and I knew of it as a young man.You know of it as well. R. Dawkins knows it, and Einstein also knew  it, as they clearly reveal in their own words, according to quotations commented on pages 147-149 of the book.

Why do we know at a subconscious level?

We know it because our subconscious is our soul and, as a spirit, our soul is aware of the existence of God. That’s why faith, which is knowing God, is revealed in children and can be found in all cultures.

Therefore, I no longer have to project those serious problems I had when I was in the same position millions of people still are because those problems have ceased to exist in my life.

I’m not frightened by the grim prospect of being sentenced to nothingness; of never meeting with my loved ones that have departed earthly life; of getting separated from my wife, children and grandchildren when it is my turn to leave; of forever losing the fruit of my studies and experiences; of resigning to the hope of becoming less unhappy or even happier in another life; of enjoying my growth, maybe a small one, in terms of love and wisdom.

I had all these concerns and many many others to project. Fortunately, I no longer have them. Today, I am fortunate to know the truth and feel spiritually fulfilled.

One needs to be unwilling to see in  order to ignore the infinite evidence of the existence of God everywhere, all around us, across the universe. So I invite you all to open up your eyes…open up your hearts! If you do so, you will see!



  1. Sometimes it is not our words but our actions that people see that will convert them to your point of view. Thank you for sharing. Stay Blessed. 🙂

  2. Much extrapolation present here. Where do you substantiate these claims?

    “our subconscious is our soul and, as a spirit, our soul is aware of the existence of God”

    Please could you type out the “quotations commented on pages 147-149 of the book”? I don’t have the book + wish to know what you mean.

    1. “We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die, because they are never going to be born”(Preface to God: a Delusion, by Richard Dawkins).For a materialist like Dawkins, there is only material life, so someone who has not yet been born has never existed. His statement amounts to saying that those who have never existed and will never exist are unlucky people, because they will never be born, and consequently, they will never die!
      Dawkins considers those who have never existed to be people? And he considers them unlucky? Does this make sense? We are fortunate because we will die? (…) When I read these words, I came to think that the author was joking or trying to be ironic or sarcastic.But no, he is serious, because these are the words he has chosen for his own funeral.(…)

      1. Thanks for your comment. I have seen more of Dawkins’ work and under no account does he believe dead people have any form of consciousness. He is saying we are lucky to live at all, since WE very nearly didn’t come about. He never says they are unlucky, he says we ARE unlucky. If anything it is poetic.

        Thanks for clarifying. Could you please substantiate the other claim you highlighted. I am pleased you have read The God Delusion though. That is very good to be submerging yourself in different arguments and prepositions and I respect you a lot for that.

      2. *that we ARE lucky. I should not try typing on my phone

  3. 292110 842026Thanks for the post. I like your writing style – Im trying to start a blog myself, I think I might read thru all your posts for some suggestions! Thanks once more. 745165

    1. I am flattered with your words. Thank you!

  4. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new posts.

    1. Thank you for your words. To follow me on Twitter, please click on the widget below the tweets. Thank you again!

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