Why I Believe – The Worship of the God Matter

In today’s blog entry, I want to discuss the second trap unbelievers and atheists fall into: the Worship of the God Matter.

“If it were irrational, as they claim, to believe in a spiritual God who gives us (those of us who want to see) so much clear and permanent evidence of His existence, power, and wisdom, would it be more reasonable, then, to believe in inert matter and attribute the power and the wisdom needed to explain the universe, nature, and life to it?

If matter itself held the necessary wisdom to create life, why doesn’t it have the wisdom to generate life in laboratories with the help of these atheists’ intelligence and technology?

Is it sensible to make a golden calf out of matter and worship it and be proud to profess dogmatic materialism – bigoted, inflexible, blind to the evidence, religious? Is it sensible to condemn the religions for their mistakes and for the harm they have caused in the hands of men, and then found a materialistic religion to be handed over to the same hands?

Don’t these wise men realize that the effects of humanity without God, without faith, without the religious appeal to virtue, love, charity, and justice would be catastrophic?

If human beings do so many absurd, evil things in the name of religion, what would they do in the name of a materialistic, cold, indifferent, amoral faith that would liberate the beast that resides in each one of us?

Is it sensible, is it prudent to fight the theistic religions and proselytize a materialistic religion? Is it wise to deny the wisdom contained in the teachings of Moses, Krishna, Christ, and Mohammed in favor of the god matter?

No, obviously it is not!

On the other hand, I firmly believe that it is not only sensible, but it is the duty of the cultural and scientific leaders to fight superstitions that have been scientifically proven to be absurd. Likewise, they must fight those false religious people who hide under the names  of enlightened spirits, subverting their teachings in order to control and exploit gullible men and women, and commit crimes against humanity. As to the rest, religious must be supported and stimulated.

Now, where do you stand? What’s your belief? Are you a materialist?

Over the coming days, I will be addressing the two other traps unbelievers fall into: the Love of Science and Atheistic Pride.



  1. You’re assumptions are already wrong: You assume “wisdom” without having any proof of it. And you’re honestly asking why scientists were not yet able to create life in the lab, a process that probably took millions of years on earth to occur? Just wait, I’m quite sure, scientists will also fill this gap for go(o)d. And if a scientist someday achieves it, will you become an atheist?
    And I always feel a headache coming up whenever a believer tells me, that every non-believer is “worshiping” something. No, the only one worshiping is YOU. The thing with dogma is RELIGION. You haven’t any compelling proof – a lot of arguments, but arguments are NOT proof. Science is much, but not blind to evidence, again, it was religion that fought many truths. Humans are not perfect, but science allows us exactly that: To dismiss ideas that can no longer be considered true enough and accept new ideas that explain everything better: But faith never explained anything, it simply made up stuff. Give us real evidence instead of the typical play with words, wishful thinking or similar, then we will accept.

    And you fall into the “my religion is truer than yours” trap: If you accept your kind of “proof”, then you must consider all religions valid. But you don’t. Hypocrite.

    1. My dear atheist brethren,


      You might see another reason for accusing me hypocrite in my statements of appreciation and respect.But, believe me, you are wrong. I am just trying to put Jesus’ teachings into practice. And I must tell you that I’ve succeeded doing that in my life.

      I am not offended either. I only feel sorry…but I’m not sorry for myself; I’m sorry for you. I’ve already been in the same position you are now, therefore I know the two sides very well.I was wrong, and I regret that.

      Today, after going through numerous experiences showing me that God exists, I intend to reach out to monists and atheists in an effort to open up their eyes to the truth. My arguments are based not only on undisputed events that are extensively discussed in my book, but also on several renowned authors’ findings and works.You probably haven’t read my book, otherwise you would understand what I mean when I use the word “wisdom”.

      An open mind will be able to see that faith and reason can go hand in hand.

  2. First of all, I also know both sides. While I cannot claim to ever have been a true believer, I was quite active in church as a child, so at least I know the theory. And ironically, we have something in common: I also feel sorry for you.
    Anyway, while I want to apologize for the word “hypocrite”, which was uncalled for, I notice that you haven’t answered even one of my points… But yes, I haven’t read your book, but if you want to present your arguments online, pointing to it won’t help, sorry.

    1. Okay, you don’t need to read my book. Here’s my answer, an excerpt from the book:”God is supreme wisdom, the uncaused Cause of all things. Although this seems impossible, it must be. And the first phenomenon, the greatest phenomenon of all – the universe, nature, life – provides sufficient evidence of the existence of this somehing that goes beyond our imaginations and our reason: God.

      We are led toward this transcendental truth by thoughts that are obviously very complex, thoughts that have been inaccessible to human beings at large from prehistoric times to these days.Perhaps that’s why He has granted us intuitive knowledge that can reveal His existence to all of us – children, adults, both the primitive and the advanced peoples in the world.

      This intuitive knowledge results in the faith that is revealed in children’s spirits, and it is also at the origin of the religions in all cultures, in all peoples, from the nearest to the most remote corners of the world.

      Conversely, those whose intuition has been obliterated by the pride of rational thinking might reach the same conclusions by reflecting upon the universe, the creation, the greatest of all effects just as we ourselves have done. For those who have eyes that can see, this is the greatest and most obvious evidence of the Creator’s existence (and wisdom).”

      There’s much more to say regarding this Superior Being’s wisdom, power, and intelligence. You might call Him God, or Odin, or Tupã, or Allah…whatever you call Him, He is the Truth that rules over everything.

  3. Oh, the old “uncaused cause” exception: “Everything needs a cause, just god doesn’t, because otherwise I would be wrong.” Sorry, but if you start making arbitrary exceptions, then you don’t need a god, because you can simply make this exception for the universe itself.
    It’s also not true that children have faith, as obviously most have to be indoctrinated to get it. Children risen in mainly atheistic countries, like the east germany didn’t develop any faith of their own, which quite effectively proves that faith has to be learned.
    Also “intuitively” sounds to me like a lazy excuse, sorry: “I can’t prove anything, but intuitively, I know, that…”. Sorry, intuitively I “know” that there cannot be a god. So, whose intuition is correct?

    Anyway, as long as you belief in some kind of divine “thingy”, which you cannot really describe, we at least agree that all religions are basically wrong – as they can’t all be true 🙂

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