Why I Believe – the Love of Science

The two latest blog posts revolved around the two first positions intellectual and scientific materialist elites hold on to: (1) the Denial of God, and (2) the Worship of the God Matter. love_science_desktop_1024x864_wallpaper-210997Today, we will look at the third position, or rather, the third trap unbelievers usually fall into: the Love of Science.

“There are people who can devote treasures of love to ordinary objects. It is difficult to understand this love, which is typical of individuals who have some kind of emotional or affective disorder. It is even more difficult to understand such love in the hearts of people endowed with brilliant minds – geniuses, intellectuals, scientists.

Science is a thing. It is an abstract thing, but it still is a thing, a morally neutral one. So it is hard to understand how a scientist can love such a cold, indifferent, amoral thing. The science-loving scientist can claim that science is worthy of his or her love because, despite being an abstract thing, it does not fail to work wonders and can therefore be loved for its effects.

Even so it is hard to understand, because this thing is also used for evil. For making, for example, a bomb that can kill millions of people; for providing tyrants with the means to subject defenseless people and condemn them to unthinkable suffering and misery; for granting the wicked powerful rich more ways to oppress and exploit the weak and the poor.

Is this love for science rational? Is it wise? Is it sensible?

No, it’s not!

Nevertheless, we should thank God for the unselfish scientists of the past and the present for the progress of science, whose wonderful benefits we are constantly enjoying. We certainly acknowledge the important role these scientists have played. However, we deplore the current pro-atheism movement’s leaders’ absurd pretense of exchanging the faith of the convinced religious for this ridiculous atheistic pride, and the love to God for the love of science.”




  1. Another good example why you should define your terms before starting to discuss about them. Please define “love” in this context.

    1. Love is unconditional selflessness.

    2. Dear Brethren Atomic Mutant,


      First of all, I’d like to apologize for a serious mistake on my Dec. 27th blog entry. I am in the U.S. at the moment, but my translator is in Brazil, and, due to miscommunication, this part of the paragraph (line 4) ended up being published incorrectly: “I am just trying to put Jesus’ teachings into practice. And I must tell you that I’ve succeeded doing that in my life.” I would never state such a thing because it’s an absurdity, I mean, we, human beings, are zillions of years away from such a perfection. Therefore, the correct version must be read as follows: “And I must tell you that I’ve achieved some success in my efforts to do so in my life.”

      In other words, I mean that today I can forgive many offenses, slander, and libel. Today, I am already capable of not taking revenge on some of my casual offenders, and not judging anybody before getting to know the real facts. I have also learned not to feel hatred toward those who hate me; and not to despise those who despise me. I dislike mistakes and errors, but I feel sorry for and cherish those who make them because I am aware of my own frequent mistakes.

      Secondly, I’d like to say that keeping this exchange of opinions will be useless if you, my dear brethren, are not willing to read my book, whose title alone has brought about your violent reaction. I can’t believe you haven’t read it just because you don’t want to spend US$ 4. Maybe you dislike my writing style…Sorry! I did my best. Anyway, if you do not want to read it, we shouldn’t waste our time as we won’t get anywhere.

      I’ve already been an atheist, and I used to find reading theistic authors pointless, a waste of time. Actually,I feared them. I feared being confronted with facts and arguments that could shake my atheistic convictions.

      You insist on accusing me of using only arguments and not producing any evidence. How can you state that if you haven’t read my book? How can you accuse me without having enough information?

      I used some of the few years left in my life (I am 76 now) to write this book in the hope that it would reach my atheist brethrens, who would believe me and find my work useful. In it, I expose and describe the evidence and proofs that have led me to faith. You don’t want to read it, though. Okay, I can understand you. I too have been afraid of books that could smell faith.

      Even so, I want to answer one of your questions whose response isn’t in the book. We will certainly be “dead” when human beings manage to create life in an unforeseeable future. Nevertheless, if I could be there, I would keep on praising God for having done that same thing billions of years before men, scientists, and laboratories existed.

      I also want to remind you that I am not the only worshipper; 95% of our brethrens are with me, that is, nearly seven billion people. When you accuse me of hypocrisy, you are accusing the smashing majority of people as well.

      Thanks to my faith in God and His justice, I don’t take offense and continue to pray for all atheists, our brothers and sisters going through this world of ordeals and hardships without the comforting light of faith.

      Many among the billions of believers, however, may feel offended and hurt. I don’t think it’s right to offend people we don’t know simply because they disagree with our opinions. Do we acknowledge their right to do the same, I mean, to offend us for the same reason?

      Three of the best people I’ve ever met lived and “died” as atheists. They were my friends. Our different opinions, however, didn’t prevent us from respecting each other and cultivating reciprocal friendship.


      João de Deus Brasil

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