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Can A Heart Disease Regress?

A Spiritual Phenomenon – A Heart Condition That Regresses Today, I am going to tell about another spiritual phenomenon occurred with our family in 2012. Coincidentally, on the same date as the phenomenon described on the January 21 blog post. A few years ago, one of my sons-in-law, who is in his 50’s now, began […]

Is Cancer Curable?

Mediumship That Cures Today’s blog entry is about the content discussed on page 83, paragraphs 2-4, of my book. In that part of the book, I talk about some personal and family supernatural events of the ‘70s and ‘80s, and say that our Father and His Spirits of Light kept benefiting us with those phenomena […]

How Can Prayers Heal?

Can prayers heal? How, if so, does it happen? Those are some of the questions that Mitchell W. Krucoff, M.D., and others are attempting to answer in a growing number of studies. Krucoff has been studying prayer and spirituality since 1996 — and practicing it much longer in his patient care.  “All of these studies, […]

What Is Faith?

These reflections on faith and on the existence or non-existence of God and the immortal spirit are really important to anyone who wants to better understand the mysteries of our journey in this life. A debate between atheists and believers will always add positively to their naturally existing controversy, and without a doubt it will […]

Without Charity There Is No Salvation

Through selfishness, people are in eternal conflict while through charity they will be at peace. If charity alone constitutes the basis of human institutions, people’s happiness in this world will be guaranteed. According to Christ words, only charity will also guarantee future happiness, since all virtues which can lead people to perfection are implicitly contained […]

Why I Believe – Atheist Pride

The holiday season is over! Gifts have been exchanged, new year’s resolutions have been made, and here we are once again back to our old routine…and this includes blogging, of course! This blog post is about the fourth trap atheists fall into according to the discussion we started on December 21st. Below is an excerpt […]