Why I Believe – Atheist Pride

The holiday season is over! Gifts have been exchanged, new year’s resolutions have been made, and here we are once again back to our old routine…and this includes blogging, of course!

This blog post is about the fourth trap atheists fall into according to the discussion we started on December 21st. Below is an excerpt from my book:pride

“In my understanding, this is the knot of the issue: pride. Pride is at the origin of most defects and weaknesses of character and personality.

A proud man takes pride in being proud as if this were something good, a virtue. But pride is not virtue; on the contrary, it is a weakness of personality, it is a defect, it is an addiction, it is a delay, it is evil, it is not good. It is an excess of self-love that blinds us and entices us to foolish vanity, not allowing us to recognize and correct our mistakes and shortcomings or become aware of our moral weaknesses (and if we don’t recognize them, how can we correct them?). A stupid man considers himself smart; that’s pride! A fool regards himself as wise, and that’s pride! A coward calls himself brave; again, that’s pride!

Individual pride is projected into the community to which we belong: “He does not belong to my community, my race, my belief, my homeland, my people, my club, my party, my province, my family. He does not identify with me in any way; therefore, he is bad and worthy of contempt and hatred, and I may offend him, attack him, kill him.” Pride, pride, pride. It does not matter that we are being hurt, exploited, deceived, outraged, despised, envied, betrayed by our countrymen, by our politicians, by our supporters, by our family members; we believe they are the best because we identify with them, and our pride forces us to consider them superior to others. The less developed a person or group is, the clearer and stronger this morally and spiritually negative feeling becomes.

Therefore, it is difficult to understand the futile pride in the hearts of atheist intellectuals and scientists. But intellectual development does not necessarily imply spiritual and moral progress. Intelligence, studies, and culture are not enough to reduce the influence of this feeling on many of us – instead, they may even exacerbate it. pride commands us and subjects us to its power without our being aware of it. So we must be extremely careful and alert to prevent ourselves from falling for its tricks, which will inevitably lead us into wrongdoing and suffering.

The smart, proud person sees his or her intelligence through a magnifying glass. The proud scientist looks to God through an inverted microscope and so deceives him- or herself, believing he or she is infinitely greater and wiser and able to despise and deny Him. It is like the allegory of the fallen angels. And some scientists feel they are qualified to deny the very thing whose inexistence they cannot prove. And then they are proud of this ridiculous boldness and feel proud of this unnatural, irrational, illogical, unscientific denial… They feel the atheist’s pride… Pride. Always pride.

Pride makes us proud of all that is ours, all that identifies us, regardless of its real value: white pride, black pride, sexist pride, feminist pride, gay pride, religious pride, atheistic pride. We need to note the pride of others to realize how ridiculous our own pride is, and how often faulty logic is present in its subjective motivations.

Even when we have some virtue that really dignifies us or makes us happy, we should always thank God, our parents, our destiny, or our fate,and not our own merit. Nothing justifies pride.

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Prov. 16:18).

“He has brought down the mighty from their throne and exalted those of humble estate” (Luke 1:52).

Being virtuous is being humble.

Humility is a virtue that leads to wisdom. Wisdom entices humility.

Humility is mother and daughter of wisdom.

Pride makes the wise and the prudent vain about their own intelligence and rationality, blocking their intuition and leading them to believe that they may deny God and their own souls.”


Now, what do you think about these four positions or traps?



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