How Can Prayers Heal?


Can prayers heal? How, if so, does it happen?

Those are some of the questions that Mitchell W. Krucoff, M.D., and others are attempting to answer in a growing number of studies. Krucoff has been studying prayer and spirituality since 1996 — and practicing it much longer in his patient care.  “All of these studies, all the reports, are remarkably consistent in suggesting the potential measurable health benefit associated with prayer or spiritual interventions,” he says. (source: WebMed)

It’s science attempting to understand and explain what popular wisdom has always known: prayers are powerful, they can truly heal. And because they are powerful, we should do a prayer first thing in the morning, before we rush into the day.

So, here’s a prayer I like and want to share with you:

Lord, in the silence of this day that dawns,

I come before You to ask You for peace, wisdom, and strength.

I want to look at the world with my eyes filled with love;

I want to be patient, understanding, gentle, and prudent;

I want to see Your children beyond their appearances just like You see them, and see nothing but the good in each one.

Close my ears to  slander. Keep my tongue away from all evil.

May my spirit be filled with blessings.

May I be so kind and cheerful that all those who come close to me may feel Your presence.

Clothe me with Your beauty, my Lord, so I may be able to reveal You to everyone.



Naturally, very few of us will be able to accomplish all this, but praying will surely bring us numerous benefits.

What about you? How often do you pray?




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  2. There has been studies that confirms the power of praying as a healing instrument as well as any introspection activity such as meditation….love this blog….

    1. Thank you for commenting! God bless!

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