Is Cancer Curable?


Mediumship That Cures

Today’s blog entry is about the content discussed on page 83, paragraphs 2-4, of my book. In that part of the book, I talk about some personal and family supernatural events of the ‘70s and ‘80s, and say that our Father and His Spirits of Light kept benefiting us with those phenomena in order to seemingly reinforce our convictions at that time.
Thirty-five years later, their persistent spiritual assistance allows us to raise another hypothesis: the faith awakened in our spirits by those phenomena led us to an unbroken communion with the higher planes. In all adversities, me, my family, my relatives, and  my friends have sought help, and we have often been assisted.
Recently, in 2012, we received some of these wonderful aids. Today, I’ll try to briefly describe the first case:
February 5th – My niece Sylvia called us to tell that Jorge, her father and my brother-in-law, was hospitalized and undergoing tests that later revealed two large tumors, each located on each side at the back of the brain.
February 20th – Jorge, because of his heart condition, had a pacemaker installed to avoid problems during brain surgery.
February 22nd – 06:40 a.m. – Jorge came out of the operating room. The surgeon had only removed material for biopsy. He told the family that removing the tumors wasn’t possible. Later, biopsy revealed they were highly malignant.
After that, Jorge’s clinical picture worsened rapidly. In early April, he was unable to talk or walk, and could not control the movements of his hands.On April 10, the physician told the family that the patient could be fed with whatever  he wanted, because there was no more hope. My niece called us and she was devastated.
On April 22, the famous healing medium João de Deus from Abadiana (Goias, BR) came to Tres Coroas, a small town in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, fairly close to the state capital city where Jorge lives. My niece, facing resistance from her family, took her ill, wheelchair-bound father to Tres Coroas. When their turn came, placing herself between the medium and her father so that he would not hear the conversation, my niece reported the problem and asked for help. João de Deus briefly looked at Jorge, and referred him to a medium-assistant. The helper took Jorge to an adjacent room and told my niece to stay behind the chair, close her eyes, and pray. A few minutes later (10-15), the medium touched my niece’s shoulder and told her to take her father away.
In the evening of the following day (April 23), the patient got worse and was taken to the emergency ICU of a hospital and was isolated. On Tuesday, 11am, the hospital called a family member to come and see Jorge. My niece went into the ER, and when Jorge saw her, he opened his arms and exclaimed, “My daughter! Thanks for taking me to that medium. Look at me! I’m cured, I’m fine, “and he waved his arms and legs. The two hugged each other weeping tears of joy.
A few months after that, in early August, I went to Abadiana – 120km from Brasilia, the country’s capital city – and spoke with Sandro, the medium’s son, who told me: “Your brother-in-law is not healed yet. Cancer is disabled, but he must go on with the treatment (passiflora capsules and fluidic water) until my father releases him.”
Well, Jorge spent New Year’s on the beach and took pictures by the seashore holding a can of non alcoholic beer. He walks, dances, plays the guitar, and sings, perfectly able to remember all of his old repertoire.

We have high hopes Jorge will be fully cured. However, what has happened so far makes us very happy, and once again confirms the assistance of God, the only being whose existence and powers can explain phenomena like this and His Spirits of Light who remain on earth to help human beings.

João de Deus from Abadiana is another healing medium who says that he does nothing himself; he  who does everything is God.


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