Monthly Archives: February 2013

May the Lord Bless You

Looking around, we can easily see the infinite blessings we receive every day. Sometimes, however, we get somewhat blind and only see the dark side of life, letting negativity take over. On such moments, in the midst of trials and struggles when everything seems meaningless and lost, we will only find peace of mind by […]

How to Cure an Ulcer

Today’s post is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of the book Why I Believe in God. In this chapter, I describe one of the so many supernatural events  my family and I have experienced. My mother had been diagnosed with cancer, so we decided to take her to a psychic healer. No one can explain […]

Prayer for Serenity

Turmoil and unrest are  constantly present  in today’s world. From school shootings to wars, from car accidents to natural disasters, it seems that more than ever we have been struck by tragic, discouraging news. We cannot surrender to pessimism, though. That’s why I want to share with you today a well-known christian prayer to lift […]

God Knows Everything

GOD knows everything. Just let yourself be guided by Him; seek attunement to His mercy and wisdom, do the best you can, and leave a trace of light along the road you travel. For such is the attitude of the one who has put himself in the hands of God, and whom in God shall […]