How to Cure an Ulcer

Today’s post is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of the book Why I Believe in God. In this chapter, I describe one of the so many supernatural events  my family and I have experienced. My mother had been diagnosed with cancer, so we decided to take her to a psychic healer. No one can explain through reasonable arguments how that psychic medium could diagnose my mother’s disease so accurately.

Read below and draw your own conclusions.

‘“Your mom isn’t sick.”

“But, Father, the doctor has diagnosed the disease through some X-rays,” I said. “Would you like to take a look at them?”

“No, I know nothing about X-rays. But I do know one thing,” he answered. And looking at my mother, he declared, “You have no disease whatsoever.”

“But then what are these awful pains in my stomach?” she asked, suspicious and incredulous.

“Most likely it’s nerve pain,” he replied and added, “I can assure you you have no disease at all, and if you have, I’ll close down this office and won’t help anybody else. Take some tranquilizers and the pain will disappear.”

“Which tranquilizer?” I asked.

“She may take one of ours here. But if you don’t trust them, talk to a doctor and ask him to prescribe a tranquilizer. The pains will disappear,” he stated firmly.

Grabbing a small notepad, he wrote down a number, detached the paper and handed it over to me. It was the identification number of one of the herbal remedies he  made. We left the room.

Hardly had I closed the door when my mother said, “Don’t buy that boy’s remedies! I won’t take them! What does he know about medicine? He knows nothing! He didn’t even examine me, he didn’t touch me, he didn’t even ask my name and went on saying I have nothing… I wish he could feel my pains! Then he wouldn’t say such bullshit.”

She really was upset, but this time she was wrong. On the same day, we went to see a renowned radiologist. He told us to come back at 8 o’clock the following morning, bringing along the X-rays already taken and a three-yolk sugared-cream.

At the scheduled time, we got to the office. First, the doctor took three X-rays. Then, he told my mother to ingest the cream and wait.

At ten o’clock, he took three more X-rays. One hour later, he invited us to a room where the nine X-rays had been carefully placed side by side on the negatoscope. He pointed to them and explained, “These are the X-rays you have brought. They are just ok and don’t show any disease. Here, in the duodenum,” he pointed at the image with a pencil, “there is this spot. It’s a healed ulcer. The physician who diagnosed cancer doesn’t know how to interpret X-rays. The 8-o’clock X-rays show exactly the same spot, and the biliar vesicle is full, as is natural when fasting. Now, these three  here were taken at ten o’clock, and you can see the same spot and the empty vesicle, contracted in reaction to the cream intake.”

So I repeated the same question my mother had asked the priest: “What is the cause of the pains, then?”

“Most likely it is nerve pains,” he answered, using the priest’s exact words, and added, “I’ll prescribe a tranquilizer and you’ll see that those pains will go away.”

The pains did disappear. Her appetite came back. She put on weight quickly after that and even got a fat belly, and we joked with her, saying that she was pregnant in her late fifties.’


How do you feel about the event narrated above? Have you ever had an experience like that?


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