How To Overcome Doubt

Pietro Liberi - Time Being Overcome by Truth -...

Pietro Liberi – Time Being Overcome by Truth – WGA12980 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things that mostly afflicts me is realizing that people are so easily led to disbelieve in God in this post-modern, or like some people claim, Internet-cultured society. It seems that disbelieving is far more convenient to everyone. Perhaps even more interesting, more appealling! Once you follow the unbelievers’ pathway, you might  think you are totally FREE; after all, you can make your own decisions and lead your life as carelessly as possible with no one telling you what you should do or how you should conduct your actions.

Such mindset couldn’t be worse.You might think that you are making the best choices, but the truth is that you will become less and less free. Actually, you will find yourself increasingly trapped in a meaningless life, having to cope with a permanent sense of failure and defeat. Nothing and nobody will be able to get you out of such an empty existence. A grey world is likely to rise around you even though you hopelessly try to make it colorful. There’s no way out…

However, if you admit changing and experimenting  a less materialistic, more spiritual view in your life, a beam of light will start glowing in the horizon to show you the way toward happiness and fulfillment. Allow God to get into your life and you will be amazed at the wonders He will work on you. That feeling of emptiness you had before will fade away; everything will look brighter and meaningful. The world around you will be finally multi-hued; the perspective of your days ahead will look shiny; you will feel lighter and joyful.

The freedom you had been looking for in an exclusively materialistic environment will naturally come to you as a result of your new spiritualized attitude. You will understand that it’s material things that enslave us and keep us chained up to fake gods while the knowledge of the truth – the existence of God – sets us free. It’s by believing in the Father that you will find the so long desired peace of mind needed for a more purposeful life.

If only I could reach the hearts of the millions of unbelievers out there and have them accept my point, I’d be more than happy and fulfilled. I’d feel as if I had accomplished my mission on this physical plane.


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