How To Achieve Happiness

{love and happiness}

{love and happiness} (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is happiness achievable? How can we find happiness in our lives? These are common, frequent questions that human beings will never cease to ask.

After all,  our ultimate goal  is undoubtedly to be happy. But how?

Well, one can’t be or feel happy all the time; we are subject to our human condition that comprises not only joy, delight, and pleasure, but also sufferings and ordeals, sometimes unimaginable ones.

However, we may find happiness if we choose LOVE. This is the greatest cause of unhappiness and emotional unbalance: lack of love.

Let me explain my point with a few examples.

If a person is not capable of loving the spouse he or she elected and the children he or she generated, that person will not love his or her family’s successor for long. Most likely he or she will leave them and continue looking for personal happiness elsewhere, indifferent to the trail of pain and misery left in the lives of children and the ones to whom he or she vowed eternal love, protection, and fidelity, “In joy and in sorrow, in health and sickness, in wealth and in poverty.” Commitments, promises, oaths, duties – these are no longer kept; they are despised, ignored.

Thus, the first condition for achieving happiness is the fulfillment of our duty to God and His law, which includes the exact execution of all duties toward our neighbors. This is the key: “Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than this” (Mark 12:31).



  1. Nick Mordowanec · · Reply

    Happiness has no real correlation with religion or theism. It’s about individualism, and any individual can be a good person. People just get there in different ways.

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