How To Overcome Fear

Sunshine,  Sunshine You Are Sublime..

Sunshine, Sunshine You Are Sublime.. (Photo credit: -RejiK)

Today, I felt like sharing a different text with you. It’s a passage from an inspiring book by author Divaldo Franco/Joanna de Angelis, in which you may find comfort, support and hope to overcome fear.

“The presence of God in our daily lives provides us with peace, thus increasing our human resistance, our strength to face everyday struggles and overcome fear.

Subtle and at the same time powerful,  God’s presence is  a generator of energy that recharges the batteries of our souls, minds and bodies, keeping them stabilized in terms of balance and action.

Like a disease, which  is the result of an imbalance of the molecules that are responsible for the cells’ functional harmony, health is established when the divine current passes through  the unifying action system of those vitally important particles.

Fear simply disappears with Him; courage sets in,  and is expressed through well-being and self assuredness.

The evocation of God sends worries and insecurities away while serenity and trust come in.

The presence of God erases depressing, mischievous memories, which are replaced by the hope for happiness.

In God you will find enlightenment; this way you will be able to make the right decisions, think rightly, speak words of wisdom, and act accurately.

Everything is possible to God. Whether it is somebody’s health,  or your success or your needs, everything is conveniently achieved because God is Power.

So, when you have done your best, but the outcomes are not as good as expected, do not exasperate and await some more time. That was not the right moment, and had you been successful, it wouldn’t have been convenient.

Therefore, let God’s will act and never ever get disheartened.”

How do you feel after meditating on the above words? You certainly feel better, more confident, don’t you? That is because you have allowed God to get into your life and act on you, making you less overwhelmed with everyday burdens and more hopeful.


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