How To Achieve Peace

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Peace! We all long for peace, right?

You and I, everyone wishes we could live in a more peaceful world. Peace is important to our lives; it is actually essential for our happiness, but how can we achieve it?

Here, I am not talking about the peace that arises from the ashes of a war, after innocent people have been killed and their houses destroyed. No. That peace is misleading,  temporary, and it lasts until the next war is ‘created’ by vested interests.

I am talking about true peace, the one that comes from a happy heart and from a trustful, understanding mind. It is achieved through an atmosphere of love and prayer because it arises from the harmony that puts forward the dynamics of a fulfilling life.

Such peace is permanent. It does not allow embarrassment nor it is imposed.

Each human being will achieve true peace by their own personal effort as the crowning glory of well-directed actions, aiming at the highest ideals.

However, it is not enough to speak about peace. It is essential that you visualize it, think about it, and act peacefully so much so that everyone around you may feel it and be influenced by it.

May you long for true peace in your constant prayers. May true peace be God’s answer to your heart.

As you pray for peace, this sentiment will take over you, and the love that radiates from God will defeat any conflict that might be a temporary burden to you.

Once you feel peaceful and complete, you will help the world to achieve peace as well.


Source: Divaldo Franco/Joanna de Angelis



  1. yes, peace is core

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    I love this article!

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    We should always try to live up to this high calling.To achieve real peace we should always embrace other people however different from us they may seem to us.we are only being reminded to love our neighbors.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for your comment.Blessings!

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