God is Your Best Friend

God in Ypenburg

God in Ypenburg (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers la Pentecôte ))

God is your best, most perfect friend. He is always available, willing to listen to your complaints and show you a way out, a solution to your problems.

He never gets tired, He never exasperates. If you search Him, He will be there for you to patiently assist you.

When He is rejected by ignorance or human rebellion, He discreetly awaits.

Silently He speaks through the wonders of nature, and manifests Himself in countless ways, impossible to be overlooked.

God is indulgent, He is a safe shelter where comfort stretches out and calms down those who look for refuge.

He is close enough to learn about your needs, but He does not make you feel embarrassed by obliging you to receive His help. No! He gives you wise, sensitive advice through your inner clear wisdom.

At times, He even inspires you before the events so that you can be spared from the bad ones but benefited with the favorable happenings.

With God in your heart and mind, you will make happy, sensible decisions and will accomplish your daily tasks in a dynamically elevated spirit.

He provides all your needs, but He does not take them over in order not to set your effort  and value aside, and thus leading you to uselessness.

He blesses you, whether or not you search for Him. However, if you rise with your thoughts and tune in with God’s gifts, you will be able to better imbibe His supreme love.

Do not do anything without finding support on this trustworthy, fatherly friend that is God.



    1. Thanks for stopping by! God bless!

  1. Inspired words. Thank you. I agree, we both have the calling to speak the word to others.

  2. Interesting.. 🙂

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