Our Thoughts Are Boomerangs

A typical wooden returning boomerang

A typical wooden returning boomerang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your thoughts are seeds that you sow in the soil of your life. They will always produce according to their own qualities. There is no alteration whatsoever because the correlation between cause and effect is perfect.

Life will return to you, in the form of happenings, sensations and emotions, everything you design and project on your thoughts. It has already been said that ‘thoughts are like boomerangs‘, so we should be really careful about what we think.

Positive, stimulating thoughts will  enrich your life and manifest themselves in all of your existencial areas.

On the other hand, negative, depressing thoughts will most likely dull your mood and make you bitter, anguished, which will interfere in your behavior.

Therefore, set yourself free from those unhealthy, pernicious thoughts you had until a few minutes ago. Free yourself and prepare the generous land of your sentiments so that the actively positive ones can express God’s perfect good.

Keep the thoughts that reveal love and you will be involved by endless waves of tenderness and affection.

Maintain the peaceful ones and you will feel harmony and peace resonating in your inner self.

Preserve your  thoughts related to good health and you will feel fully strong even if, once in a while, a minor weakness may temporarily set in.

Think about prosperity, abundance of not only materiald goods but also, and more importantly, spiritual values that are essential to a happy, fulfilled life.

Think positively, stay with God, and you will be able to live in harmony with what the ‘boomerang’ will bring back to you.

God bless!


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