God Needs You

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

God needs you! He inhabits your inner self, but you don’t recognize Him. He manifests Himself in your life through a myriad of forms, but you still ignore Him.

He encourages you with hope and showers you with His unconditional love, keeping you balanced and in harmony with your body, mind and emotions.

He is the One who sustains you by the air you breathe, and His light, which radiates through the Sun, is the vitalizing agent for your energy. His presence envelops you and becomes visible through you.

Therefore, it’s essential that you find a pathway that will lead you to conscientiously reach Him by significantly changing your moral, intellectual behavior for the better. This way you will be able to deeply enjoy the benefits of such superior communion.

The inspiration for a liberating growth, happy attitudes and a harmonious existence comes from Him. So, your thoughts, words and acts must reflect His presence as somehow you are submerged in His omniscience.

Thus, God needs you because, through your testimony, everybody will see, feel and love Him. And each one will make an effort to unveil Him within themselves, discovering the fullness that will dominate their lives some time.


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