Can you give away too many books?

Books worth reading!

Tim Vicary ~ Author

Once upon a time I wouldn’t have understood this question. I mean, I was a writer, sort of, and over the years I’d signed contracts with several different publishers, but distribution and sales were the publisher’s job, not mine. As for giving away books, I imagined that meant giving away a few copies to friends, family, and reviewers and then … well, that was it really.

I mean, the point is to sell books, right? Not give them away! As Dr Johnson said, ‘Anyone who writes for any other reason than money is a fool.’

Hm. Yes, well, I wasn’t making that much money either, so I wonder what the good doctor would have thought of me?

But when I became an independent author, everything changed. I started to climb up a very steep learning curve. In the first few months I sold hardly any books at all – two…

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