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The Light of God

In today’s post, I want to share another passage from the book by Divaldo Franco /Joanna de Angelis . I do hope their wise words will echo in your hearts. “Picture a delicate stained-glass window being reached by  sunlight. What happens as the sun’s rays pass through the window? The stained-glass window will shine beautifully, […]


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When we were kids, life was simple, thoughts were rich, We created and learned more, we had an itch. Life then, live now… #MasterNinjaAri Ari

Natural Faith x Rational Faith

After several weeks away from the online world due to family duties, here I am again trying to spread the word about my rational faith. Some visitors to my blog have argued against my beliefs, defying me to prove the existence of God. Well, I have done that when I wrote my book “Why I […]