Natural Faith x Rational Faith


FAITH (Photo credit: cacigar)

After several weeks away from the online world due to family duties, here I am again trying to spread the word about my rational faith.
Some visitors to my blog have argued against my beliefs, defying me to prove the existence of God. Well, I have done that when I wrote my book “Why I Believe in God”. Throughout my life I have witnessed so many extraordinary facts that cannot be explained by reason or science, and those facts leave no room for doubt whatsoever.
In my book I tell how I became a believer after many years of being an atheist. I was blind, totally blind to the greatest truth, which is God’s existence. Fortunately, I can see the reality today and I feel fulfilled that I’ve been able to do good and help other people to open up their eyes and their hearts to a brighter life.
There are, however, thousands of people who still disbelieve and whose minds and hearts seem to be hardened and inaccessible to the idea of a Superior Being, a Superior Intelligence that created the universe with all its mysteries. In an attempt to once again contribute to this healthy debate, I want to share with you the following transcription from Divaldo Pereira Franco / Joanna de Angelis’s book “The Son of God”. I hope you will enjoy it.
Fanaticism is clumsy mischaracterization of faith, externalizing insanity of the faculty of thinking. Systematic disbelief is  an emotional conflict that disturbs balance of reason over time.

Human beings believe because of evolutionary imperatives and psychological heredity. Not all belief is rational, one that is subject to careful examination; faith is also natural, automatic in a large number of people.
Therefore, faith manifests itself both naturally and rationally. Natural faith is innate in humans while rational faith is achieved through reasoning and logic.
Religious faith arises spontaneously or is the result of a mental elaboration confirmed by facts. It is virtue, since it is personal achievement, and as such it unfolds the broadest horizons in life, providing peace and encouraging people to struggle. It is also intellectual acquisition that turns into a light permanently lit, bestowing clarity in the most complex life situations.
Nevertheless, whichever your faith is, you should vitalize it with love so that it will grow and do good in the world.
Faith belongs to humans’ spiritual nature whose fuel must be maintained through prayers, frequent meditation, and personal effort to preserve it.
Don’t test your faith! Your faith will be there for you in the most appropriate moments without the need for evaluations.
Learn how to believe in your own values! Humans believe by instinct, assimilation, reason. Put your faith in God and absorb the idea that all is good as you were born to live a healthy, happy life!”


  1. hey brother or sister?? what I tell atheists is that the best way for them to find out wether God exists or not is to breath … if that does not convince them I explain that the bible is 1/3 prophetic and that 80% of its prophesies have come to pass…. if they are still not convinced I tell them to read matthew 24, then read the news — following that by getting to know who JESUS is!!!usually people who don’t believe him never even read properly about his ministry and how he fullfiled the prophesies of the old testament. GOD bless — keep the faith and keep preaching!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Much appreciated. Blessings!

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