The Light of God

Stained glass window 4

Stained glass window 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In today’s post, I want to share another passage from the book by Divaldo Franco /Joanna de Angelis . I do hope their wise words will echo in your hearts.
“Picture a delicate stained-glass window being reached by  sunlight. What happens as the sun’s rays pass through the window? The stained-glass window will shine beautifully, won’t it? It’s like magic: colors and shades that enchant our eyes.
Well, the same happens when you allow God to enter your life! The human soul may attain fullness whenever it is filled with Divine clarity, which is only awaiting to be received and filtered.
Like a polished diamond that shines like a luminous celestial body, our soul  becomes a refulgent star when chiseled by suffering and employed for our evolutionary process.
You must understand that your spiritual progress cannot wait any longer, and you are only slowing it by overdoing the small things around you.
Challenging obstacles make the traveler think through and choose the best way to overcome them. However, thorns and gravels, apparently harmless, will hurt his feet and may stop him from going ahead.
So, allow the Divine Light to shine on you so that the darkest nooks – where jealousy, envy, laziness, and other unjustifiable imperfections inhabit – of your life will be brighter and clearer.
Created fot stellar glory, you are a mini cosmos leaving the incandescent nebula of passions. Move harmoniously under God’s thoughts action without running away from the route.
Love is a force that attracts everyone to Him, so radiate it with your whole being and in such a way that your sentiments won’t hide or shelter any kind of dark shadow. This force will reach your neighbor and shine in the world.
As you overflow with God’s light of love, you will unveil gentleness and kindness and all good that lies dormant within you because that light can awaken you to true life.”

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