About the Book

God, belief, book, self-publishingJoão de Deus Brasil’s book comprises two independent but related works: Why I Believe in God and Atheism: A Self-Delusion.

In Why I Believe in God, the author reveals the origins of his faith whereas in Atheism: A Self-Delusion he refutes atheists’ arguments expressed by their current world leader, Richard Dawkins, in his best-seller God, a Delusion. 

Regarding the renowned biologist’s ideas, João de Deus states:

  • In his book, Richard Dawkins does not provide any theory capable of scientifically justifying his negation of God’s existence. And besides, he does not put forward any evidence whatsoever, either scientific or empirical, in support of that nonexistence.
  • Between the lines of his own words, one can clearly see his subconscious knowledge about the life of the spirit, anterior and posterior to material life.
  • By analyzing his quotations of other wise, monistic men, without even excluding the magnificent Albert Einstein, one can clearly perceive that they themselves have this subconscious knowledge, and they reveal it as they express their thoughts.
  • Materialism is, therefore, a delusion. The true monist does not exist, for all of us have subconscious knowledge of our spiritual existence before, during, and after our material lives. We express ourselves according to this knowledge, whoever we are: believers or skeptics, intellectuals, scientists, or illiterate peasants.
  • In the same way, we are also aware of the existence of God, and that’s why faith is revealed in children. For the same reason, among many others as we have seen, faith is revealed in all peoples and cultures, with no exception.
  • These realities, perfectly clear for those who want to see, provide irrefutable, absolute proof that atheism, like materialism and monism, is a self-delusion.

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