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God Dwells Within You

God dwells within you! So, let His kindness manifest through your eyes, making them gentle with understanding, warm with compassion, loving with constant forgiveness. May the beauty of your life never be overshadowed by impatience or condemnation! May your visage radiate such glowing happiness that you will contaminate others with your optimism! It is our […]

God is Your Best Friend

God is your best, most perfect friend. He is always available, willing to listen to your complaints and show you a way out, a solution to your problems. He never gets tired, He never exasperates. If you search Him, He will be there for you to patiently assist you. When He is rejected by ignorance […]

How To Achieve Peace

Peace! We all long for peace, right? You and I, everyone wishes we could live in a more peaceful world. Peace is important to our lives; it is actually essential for our happiness, but how can we achieve it? Here, I am not talking about the peace that arises from the ashes of a war, […]

How To Overcome Fear

Today, I felt like sharing a different text with you. It’s a passage from an inspiring book by author Divaldo Franco/Joanna de Angelis, in which you may find comfort, support and hope to overcome fear. “The presence of God in our daily lives provides us with peace, thus increasing our human resistance, our strength to […]

How To Achieve Happiness

Is happiness achievable? How can we find happiness in our lives? These are common, frequent questions that human beings will never cease to ask. After all,  our ultimate goal  is undoubtedly to be happy. But how? Well, one can’t be or feel happy all the time; we are subject to our human condition that comprises […]

How To Overcome Doubt

One of the things that mostly afflicts me is realizing that people are so easily led to disbelieve in God in this post-modern, or like some people claim, Internet-cultured society. It seems that disbelieving is far more convenient to everyone. Perhaps even more interesting, more appealling! Once you follow the unbelievers’ pathway, you might  think […]

I Said A Prayer…

I  have already discussed about the effect prayers may have on us and our lives. Since ancient times it is known that prayers can positively impact one’s daily life, but only recently have scientists admitted such influence after conducting some research as I mentioned on a previous blog post. Now, let me tell you why […]