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Once upon a time I wouldn’t have understood this question. I mean, I was a writer, sort of, and over the years I’d signed contracts with several different publishers, but distribution and sales were the publisher’s job, not mine. As for giving away books, I imagined that meant giving…

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LUZON321 26-29 October 2010 3 Mountains, 9 Climbers Day 0 I arrived at Victory Liner Pasay City at 1900H an hour before the set ETD 2000H for Baguio. It was raining in Pasay during that time. In my mind I need the ride to pull me some rest after a…

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1. Pray for our country 2. Always do the right thing 3. Influence other people

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God needs you! He inhabits your inner self, but you don’t recognize Him. He manifests Himself in your life through a myriad of forms, but you still ignore Him. He encourages you with hope and showers you with His unconditional love, keeping you balanced and in harmony with your body, mind and emotions. He is […]

Your thoughts are seeds that you sow in the soil of your life. They will always produce according to their own qualities. There is no alteration whatsoever because the correlation between cause and effect is perfect. Life will return to you, in the form of happenings, sensations and emotions, everything you design and project on […]