Don’t surrender! God is your constant companion

English: Once Gordon Brown's constant companio...

English: Once Gordon Brown’s constant companion ON the south wall of Guildford Cathedral- Prudence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been quite a while since my last post, rest assured it was for a strong reason. I’ve been facing some family difficulties, or rather, challenges that have demanded all my energy and time.

I am aware that life has its ups and downs, but I couldn’t help feeling distressed and confused by the unexpected events I’ve  had to face lately. Life does play pranks on us! It really does!

However, I could not allow despair, distress, and sadness to set in, so I once again turned to God and found in Him all the support I needed. Providentially, a good friend of mine had given me this small prayer book*, full of insightful messages that have helped me to overcome those negative feelings.

So, since I believe in the power of sharing and spreading and multiplying positive thoughts, here is one of the messages that has brought encouragement to my life again:


“However difficult the situation  may be for you, don’t get distressed and go ahead without surrendering.

Discouragement is a subtle enemy that cripples the finest endeavors of life.

If friends have abandoned you because of the economic or emotional setbacks you are facing; if relatives and loved ones decided to depart for reasons you do not know; if everything pushes you to  narrow limits of solitude, recompose yourself closely and await.

It’s likely that you will feel lonely and apparently you have no company. However, this isn’t a spiritual reality; it’s just the reflection of this temporary state of your soul that is affecting you.

You are never alone. You are an integral part of Creation, and it is in you as much as you can find yourself in it.

Wherever you are, God is with you: at home, at work, in your leisure time, in sickness, in health, drawing from Him for comfort and strength so that you may proceed with the tasks you have been assigned.

You will feel lonely if you fail to preserve the  conscious bond with His love. Even so, He will remain with you.

You are attached to all mankind. Some people leave, others come. Do not get embittered with the ones who depart. Do not get excited with those who arrive.

Creatures pass by just like live vehicles: they have a destiny, and you cannot stop them.

Understand this authoritative fact and make friends with whoever you meet along the way, but do not retain them, and do not cling to them either. Help them and go ahead.

Only God is  your constant companion. So never allow yourself to feel lonely.”


*(Divaldo Franco and Joanna de Angelis)


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