In today’s post, I want to share another passage from the book by Divaldo Franco /Joanna de Angelis . I do hope their wise words will echo in your hearts. “Picture a delicate stained-glass window being reached by  sunlight. What happens as the sun’s rays pass through the window? The stained-glass window will shine beautifully, […]

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When we were kids, life was simple, thoughts were rich, We created and learned more, we had an itch. Life then, live now… #MasterNinjaAri Ari

After several weeks away from the online world due to family duties, here I am again trying to spread the word about my rational faith. Some visitors to my blog have argued against my beliefs, defying me to prove the existence of God. Well, I have done that when I wrote my book “Why I […]

God dwells within you! So, let His kindness manifest through your eyes, making them gentle with understanding, warm with compassion, loving with constant forgiveness. May the beauty of your life never be overshadowed by impatience or condemnation! May your visage radiate such glowing happiness that you will contaminate others with your optimism! It is our […]

It’s been quite a while since my last post, rest assured it was for a strong reason. I’ve been facing some family difficulties, or rather, challenges that have demanded all my energy and time. I am aware that life has its ups and downs, but I couldn’t help feeling distressed and confused by the unexpected […]

I was wondering what could be of my blog readers’ interest when I came across this inspirational book on foreign language education, and guess what? I found something really interesting which I’d like to share with you. Even though it has been initially designed as a foreign language classroom activity by author Moscowitz, it fits […]

“During our lives we experience a number of events which give us great happiness or pride. However, we rarely think about all of them at once. Sometimes we may feel that nothing good happens to us. At such times it helps to recall how lucky we have been.” As I was reading Gertrude Moscowitz’s book […]

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Once upon a time I wouldn’t have understood this question. I mean, I was a writer, sort of, and over the years I’d signed contracts with several different publishers, but distribution and sales were the publisher’s job, not mine. As for giving away books, I imagined that meant giving…

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LUZON321 26-29 October 2010 3 Mountains, 9 Climbers Day 0 I arrived at Victory Liner Pasay City at 1900H an hour before the set ETD 2000H for Baguio. It was raining in Pasay during that time. In my mind I need the ride to pull me some rest after a…

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1. Pray for our country 2. Always do the right thing 3. Influence other people