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God’s Presence in Our Lives

“During our lives we experience a number of events which give us great happiness or pride. However, we rarely think about all of them at once. Sometimes we may feel that nothing good happens to us. At such times it helps to recall how lucky we have been.” As I was reading Gertrude Moscowitz’s book […]

How To Convert An Atheist?

If only my words and arguments could convert  one atheist, I would be more than happy and fulfilled. I am aware that this is an extremely hard task, but hopefully my words will reach their hearts and minds. In my book, I often address atheists in an attempt to establish a conversation with them and, […]

Why I Believe – Atheist Pride

The holiday season is over! Gifts have been exchanged, new year’s resolutions have been made, and here we are once again back to our old routine…and this includes blogging, of course! This blog post is about the fourth trap atheists fall into according to the discussion we started on December 21st. Below is an excerpt […]

Why I Believe – the Love of Science

The two latest blog posts revolved around the two first positions intellectual and scientific materialist elites hold on to: (1) the Denial of God, and (2) the Worship of the God Matter. Today, we will look at the third position, or rather, the third trap unbelievers usually fall into: the Love of Science. “There are […]

Why I Believe – The Worship of the God Matter

In today’s blog entry, I want to discuss the second trap unbelievers and atheists fall into: the Worship of the God Matter. “If it were irrational, as they claim, to believe in a spiritual God who gives us (those of us who want to see) so much clear and permanent evidence of His existence, power, […]

The Universe: The Greatest Evidence

To establish an argument, or to have a good foundation for an argument, it is crucial to know what it is you’re arguing for or against. It’s one thing to say “I believe in God and you who don’t are wrong,” when you have no real idea how that belief really interacts with your life. […]