Monthly Archives: March 2013

Earth Hour 2013

Although the main focus of this blog is to discuss spiritual matters, we cannot forget that our life on earth and the way we go about earthly things also influence our spiritual development and growth. That’s why today’s post is about an” event conceived by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Leo Burnett that […]

How To Achieve Happiness

Is happiness achievable? How can we find happiness in our lives? These are common, frequent questions that human beings will never cease to ask. After all,  our ultimate goal  is undoubtedly to be happy. But how? Well, one can’t be or feel happy all the time; we are subject to our human condition that comprises […]

How To Convert An Atheist?

If only my words and arguments could convert  one atheist, I would be more than happy and fulfilled. I am aware that this is an extremely hard task, but hopefully my words will reach their hearts and minds. In my book, I often address atheists in an attempt to establish a conversation with them and, […]

How To Overcome Doubt

One of the things that mostly afflicts me is realizing that people are so easily led to disbelieve in God in this post-modern, or like some people claim, Internet-cultured society. It seems that disbelieving is far more convenient to everyone. Perhaps even more interesting, more appealling! Once you follow the unbelievers’ pathway, you might  think […]

I Said A Prayer…

I  have already discussed about the effect prayers may have on us and our lives. Since ancient times it is known that prayers can positively impact one’s daily life, but only recently have scientists admitted such influence after conducting some research as I mentioned on a previous blog post. Now, let me tell you why […]